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  • Get a healthier, more attractive ‘tan’ by eating lots of fruits and vegetables

    There is an undeniable appeal to the healthy glow that sun-kissed skin gives a person. It is so highly coveted that millions of people worldwide sun bathe, use tanning booths, and purchase lotions and make-up products in an effort to gain this desirable radiance. What many people don’t realize is that this same attractive appearance can […]

  • Promotion – July 2014

    Latisse – Buy one 5-ml kit and Get one 3-ml kit FREE Let the sun shine on fuller, longer, darker lashes! Latisse is for people with inadequate or short eyelashes. This promotion also provides 150 points ($10 value) toward the Brilliant Distinctions program. Ask Dr. Ulrich if this treatment is right for you.

  • Studies Show Relief From Depression After Receiving Botox

    Over 100 years ago, Charles Darwin thought the expressions on our face are not just a result of our emotions but also an influence on our emotions. His theory — that smiling can make us happier and frowning can make us sadder — has been validated by researchers in the decades since he made his initial observation. It wasn’t until […]

  • Mushrooms: A Rich Source Of Nutrients And Health Benefits

    When they’re in our omelets or topping our salads, we tend to think of mushrooms as a vegetable. Mushrooms are actually fungi, but they offer a rich source of nutrients like many vegetables do. Culinary television hosts and dietitians will tell you to add plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables to your plate because bright […]

  • Hand Rejuvenation Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

    While many people focus their anti-aging arsenal on their face, the contrast of aging hands to a youthful face can be a dead give away for age. Brown spots, crepey skin and prominent veins can add years to your appearance. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments to help rejuvenate the hands with minimal down time. Brown […]

  • Protein Needed With Each Meal For Healthy Muscles

    A glimpse down any cereal aisle in America may suggest something most of us already suspect: Americans don’t tend to eat a lot of protein for breakfast. We only have a small amount at lunchtime and tend to save the bulk of our diet’s protein supply for dinner. But how well is this really working for […]