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  • Promotion – July 2014

    Latisse – Buy one 5-ml kit and Get one 3-ml kit FREE Let the sun shine on fuller, longer, darker lashes! Latisse is for people with inadequate or short eyelashes. This promotion also provides 150 points ($10 value) toward the Brilliant Distinctions program. Ask Dr. Ulrich if this treatment is right for you.

  • Studies Show Relief From Depression After Receiving Botox

    Over 100 years ago, Charles Darwin thought the expressions on our face are not just a result of our emotions but also an influence on our emotions. His theory — that smiling can make us happier and frowning can make us sadder — has been validated by researchers in the decades since he made his initial observation. It wasn’t until […]

  • Mushrooms: A Rich Source Of Nutrients And Health Benefits

    When they’re in our omelets or topping our salads, we tend to think of mushrooms as a vegetable. Mushrooms are actually fungi, but they offer a rich source of nutrients like many vegetables do. Culinary television hosts and dietitians will tell you to add plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables to your plate because bright […]

  • Hand Rejuvenation Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

    While many people focus their anti-aging arsenal on their face, the contrast of aging hands to a youthful face can be a dead give away for age. Brown spots, crepey skin and prominent veins can add years to your appearance. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments to help rejuvenate the hands with minimal down time. Brown […]

  • Protein Needed With Each Meal For Healthy Muscles

    A glimpse down any cereal aisle in America may suggest something most of us already suspect: Americans don’t tend to eat a lot of protein for breakfast. We only have a small amount at lunchtime and tend to save the bulk of our diet’s protein supply for dinner. But how well is this really working for […]

  • Promotions – May 2014

    Buy two Kaplan MD lip glosses and get one free for Mothers Day! These glosses have natural plumping enzymes, SPF 30, no sulfates or parabens and packaging is BPA free. For a limited time, create your own gift set! Receive 3 LIP 20 Glosses in the shades of your choice with a beautiful sequin bag.